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Quality Audits

With more than one decade of experience in quality systems audits, we can offer a professional and impartial assessment of your QMS, with an open and fresh approach that can make a positive impact on your processes and contribute to your system's continuous improvement.

Please find below the audit solution that best fits your organisation's needs.

first party internal audit

    • First and Second Party Quality Audits – We can assist you with your QMS assessment, conducting First and Second Party Audits. With us, you can trust that your QMS is in the hands of a fully qualified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, with both knowledge and experience in quality audits. Besides being an essential requirement of BS EN ISO 9001:2008, internal audits can give you important feed-back on your QMS performance. If your organisation also needs to verify the performance of one or more of your suppliers' QMS, we can assist you with this process.

pre-certification audit

    • Simulation of Third Party Audits (in preparation for ISO 9001 Certification) - When your company is preparing its QMS for a certification process, you might be interested in submitting your System to an independent external assessment prior to the Third Party Audit. We can offer a 'Simulated Audit' service to help your organisation in experiencing an assessment process similar to a Certification Audit. This can both make your team more familiar with this important moment and provide some insights that will facilitate final adjustments in your QMS.