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Ethics and Values

We are commited to provide the highest quality consultancy services with integrity, competence and objectivity. We understand that consultancy activities can impact diverse levels of the organisation and we strive to balance different needs, puttting the client’s interests first without compromise to our responsibilities towards the environment and the society.

Our professional activity is directed by a four main pillars:

    • Customer Satisfaction – Any consultancy, training, auditing or other services delivered as part of an assignment will be orientated by our client’s needs, making sure the expected results and other terms of the contract, including payment of fees and expenses, are clear and have been agreed with the client in advance.

    • Confidentiality - We will keep any information related to an assignment - including client data, documentation and records - confidential and will not take advantage of confidential information we might have access to, whilst carrying out activities as part of a service contract.

    • Skills and Competence - We will only accept engagements that we are qualified for and have the capacity to undertake, based on our experience, qualifications and competence.

    • Quality - Our activities are performed to the highest standard, so you can be confident we will always strive to provide services that add value to your company's processes and systems.

    • Collaboration - We deliver services making sure people involved in different organisational levels are heard and we achieve the project objectives working together.

    • Creativity - Despite how well a process is being carried out, there is always opportunity for improvement and we are constantly looking for new solutions that go beyond ordinary bounds.

    • Respect for the environment - We strive to provide services in a way that minimises the impact of our activities on the environment.

    • Transparency and Integrity - We believe that professionals and organisations can prosper whilst maintaining high ethical standards and that trustworthiness is the basis for consistent long term development. We will disclose to our clients any conflicts of interest which could influence our objectivity or compromise the success of a contract and accomplishment of its objectives.